FalconX Celebrates Another Year of Employee-Led Giving

At FalconX, we’re proud to build the infrastructure for institutional investors to access digital assets as we help support and expand crypto adoption. We believe in the democratization of digital assets and a future that is truly open and global as a result of the balanced utilization of technology. 

Now, more than ever, we realize this mission would be incomplete without an effort to give back to the community as we work toward a world that can benefit from the advantages of blockchain technology.

For the second year,  our employees led an inspiring season of corporate giving. Donations totaled $250k in 2022, supporting 22 organizations across a range of important causes, including environmental aid, mental health, education, veteran support, cancer research, food insecurity, and more. 

It’s been a pleasure supporting organizations like ArtsofLife, Chintan, Poshan, BioBus, and others doing incredible work to uplift human life. 

We will continue advocating for the advantages of technology in driving a more empowered and secure future for the world in 2023 and beyond. We hope to inspire individuals and the world’s leading institutions to do the same.

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