Tokenization & the Future of Financial Markets | SALT Talks

“US institutions will only come in if the regulations are better than where it is, but the good news is that the amazing news is how the regulators are approaching crypto in the last three years” - Raghu at SALT conference, New York.

The amount of venture funding that can help navigate the regulators is one of the most important metrics for an industry to become mainstream. Internet in its early days was similar when people didn’t know how to process payments. But from 2018, the number of venture capitalists putting their money into crypto companies is huge. With that money, we, as crypto organizations, need to make sure we do something great that resonates with the regulators. The trillion-dollar infrastructure bill was very noisy because of the collapse in the timeline it came with, but the amount of limelight crypto received by having around $50 dollars was related to it was incredible.

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