FalconX 360: Comprehensive, Centralized Control in a Decentralized World

Decentralization can be chaotic and inefficient without the right tools.
Managing liquidity sources
, tracking of inventory, and consolidating data takes time, effort, and problem solving - energy better put towards investing and generating alpha.

Falcon X Orderbook Dashboard

FalconX 360 is the single most comprehensive platform to manage every part of your investment management lifecycle.

It delivers turnkey access to global spot and derivative liquidity, comprehensive cross-margin risk tools, as well as reporting and operations tools in a single platform.

The access you need

Don't spread yourself and your capital thin by integrating with multiple OTC desks, exchanges for liquidity, lenders for leverage and yield products.

  • High touch to high frequency. Three distinct ways to execute on the deepest, most robust spot and derivatives liquidity.
  • We did the legwork. FalconX 360 brings all of this to you in a single platform. Access 94% of global crypto liquidity with one account and one platform.


Complete fills at a guaranteed price, demonstrated to be better than single-exchange execution over 90% of the time.

Maximize capital efficiency and hold positions with competitive initial margin requirements and post trade settlement.


Access a unified sweepable order book with the deepest liquidity sourced from the top global exchanges in one convenient place. Maximize your buying power and minimize your treasury, operations, and risk management pain points with Orderbook.

Falcon X Orderbook Dashboard

“FalconX 360 is a comprehensive investment platform which unifies liquidity and provides better execution and cross-margining for hedge fund portfolios. We are excited to be working with FalconX to scale up our investment strategies”

Sanat Rao, General Partner at BlockTower Capital.

The platform that scales with you.

As your business grows, trading strategies get more complex and operational costs exponentially increase.

FalconX 360

  • Automates workflows to save time and headaches as you scale.
  • Centralizes all of your accounts and transaction data.
  • Streamlines reporting, audit, and administrative operations.
  • Saves upwards of 5,000 hours per year between building, maintaining, and running post-trade processes.

The control you want.

Crypto markets are highly fragmented. That does not mean that your view of risk, operational controls, and ability to scale buying power needs to be:

  • Understand portfolio risk and track all your positions and leverage in a single view.
  • Benefit from cross-portfolio margin netting across spot, derivatives, staked, and borrowed assets on platform.
  • Reduce operational risk through access controls and user permissions managed right from the front end.
  • 24/7 dedicated support and market color from our global client coverage team.

“QCP Capital is proud to be a partner of FalconX. Being able to use FalconX 360 to streamline different systems, and manage accounts for each trading platform or liquidity provider, has contributed operational and capital efficiency to our institutional crypto trading business.”

Daryn Sit, Senior Trader at QCP Capital.

Prime brokerage, delivered.

Deposit collateral, trade spot, hedge with derivatives, stake with single click, borrow, and settle with a single counter-party via a single platform. We did all the integration, treasury management, smart routing, risk - netting, data cleaning, and end of month reporting leg-work. 

Now you can focus on your strategy, and use these tools to scale returns.

Learn more about how to get started on our platform today.